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Didactics of playing toys

The CREATIVITY of the child results from the superposition of different processes of playing, stages of life and ways of playing which includes also the challenge of own inventions. Constituating elements of experiences in playing and learning are: Ambiguosity, flexibility, variability, alternation, mobility and permanence. INTUITION as well as INTELLIGENCE are furthered in the Bi Ba Bo system by the development of the playing behaviour. Using many playing sets ( one set = Bi Ba Bo ) you can extend the playing room up to furnitures of toys and even increase the playing pleasure. With these elements the child as well as the group can forming concrectely. To avoid simple reproduction and monotony, it is important that autonome communication can be devellopped. For the evolution of esthetical feeling in the beginning of the individuation, the possibility of ABSTRACTION is very valuable:

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Examplary figures for three Bi Ba and Bo. The remaining Bi and Ba are used elsewhere.