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Playing system

Total height of the three elements: 24 inch

Bi, Ba and Bo are three objects which differ in form, colour and quality. The soft forms are covered by a wrap that is easy to maintain. Both materials consist of raw material in a very high quality and were manufactured by hand. The possibilities for playing depend on the nature of the game and on the evolution of the child: The baby can support itself on it, roll it around and crawl over it, because the materials are light, soft and suspending. The little child can create ornaments, build up and create figures or furnitures with the objects. The child in the age of pre-school may try to create vertical puzzles with the objects, which are in relation to its height and depend on its hability. In nursery-school a group of children can recreate the forms that can be seen on the enclosed pictures. Even in combination with other toys, for example dolls, animals or cars.......... Bi Ba Bo can easily be integrated in the playing process because of their form and height ( 20 - 30 cm).